The Journey Begins

The purpose of this blog is still a little blurry. To begin with, I just wanted to have a place to express random thoughts and put some thought experiments into written form, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought this could be a place to analyse arguments and statements made by religion in an intellectual way. To be very clear this blog will not go about attacking any individual, but instead the flawed logic and arguments they may present.

Now for a bit of background. I was born into a pretty broken family, this led to mental illnesses and other life issues. As a teenager, I found comfort in a small country town church and eventually moved to the city. The longer I spent in the church the more the reasoning and ‘evidence’ they presented became glaringly flawed. At a very young age, I started work in the scientific research field and quickly fell even more in love with science than I already was.

In early 2017 I decided to leave the church behind. There was a long and careful decision-making process that went into it, although it was kept quiet to avoid conflicts. eventually, it came to a head and one day I just up and walked away from the church and the religion as a whole. This was a shock to many but was an incredible release for me. The intellectual, financial, and time freedom I gained had immediate positive effects on my well being, both physically and mentally.

I regularly had people challenge me on my change of beliefs, almost always trying to convince me to return to the church. Luckily, thanks to an inherited stubbornness, it has been said of my family ‘they are not born, they are quarried’. This stubbornness, a love for science, and a logical and intellectual personality have been a true asset to my ability to move forward. Now I want to share these thoughts and counter-arguments relating to religious apologists and science deniers.

Thanks for joining me!

Faith: Not wanting to know what is true. — Friedrich Nietzsche


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